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Find Recent Items in Windows 8

Hit Windows + R (Opens "Run" command) Type "Recent" Hit Enter! Google search yields a ton of sources for this. I'm just going to reference the first one that I looked at:  

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Rename a Connection and change DNS servers

Recently I was fiddling with a virtual lab in azure. I eventually shut down all of the servers except one application server I was still working with a little bit. I had setup the server to originally use a domain controller I setup for DNS, AD, etc. I shut that down though and didn't want to turn it on just to cache requests. I really didn't want to change anything about anything, but every time I rebooted the application server I would get DHCP DNS and it wouldn't work. I don't typically need DNS on this test server and would...

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How to change the first day of the week on Windows 7

Recently I was working to populate a Date Dimension table and I discovered that the script used was basing the first of the week on my local machine. This was fine except I wanted to line up my weeks against our financial system which hand the end of the week on Friday, not Saturday is it looks like on a normal calendar. Basically making the effective change below: To do this, I performed these steps: Open control panel Go to Clock/Language/Region Under Date and Time, click Set the date and time...

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how to graph / chart multiple ping results using shell scripting and logparser

i probably should have called this post 'stupid batch file tricks' or 'how much time do you want to waste on batch files' as well. =P anyway, i needed to graph something else, and i was fiddling around with logparser. if you have ever fiddled, you have probably googled, and if you have ever googled for logparser, you probably have come across Ken Schaefer's blog post about graphing ping results. it's at if you haven't. go check it out. i will wait. it's quite short. wayyyy shorter than this. =P anyway, i wanted to represent several test result series from...

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how do i disconnect all of my network drives in windows

net use * /d /y the /y is undocumented as far as i can see. it provides a 'Y' when it asks if you're sure.

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create a custom sendto item to process files... with powershell...

in reply to dennis' comment on my last post on this little thing (, here's the way to do this with powershell make sure you have powershell installed and working create script somewhere with text: foreach ($i in $args) {move-item $i $i.Replace(".mod", ".mpeg")} create a shortcut in the sendto folder that has the command of '[pathtopowershell.exe] -noexit [pathtoscript] enjoy! i was only renaming certain files to certain other files (MOD to MPEG), but obviously you can customize this however you see fit. i had my batch...

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dsquery, dsget, etc

how i have lived this long in my life without familiarity with these commands is beyond me. i'm a big fan of the command line especially commands that are already or mostly built in. these come with the admin pack. so much easier than opening up the ad user group mgr and other gui tools. here's a sample command. dsquery group -name "any domain group in your domain" | dsget group -members |dsget user -email -samid -display this command will pipe the full name to the get command to list the members which pipes to the command to show the email, samid,...

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create a custom sendto item to process files

so i have this video camera and it records files to mod files. i dunno why. mod's are just like mpegs. you can just rename them and open them. i don't know why they aren't just saved as mpegs, but whatever. so i got tired of dropping out to dos and just renaming the files so i could review them. i could also i'm sure find a way to just register mod files with my computer but bah. i decided to just create a custom sendto item so i could just mass rename them. so if you want to rename...

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'net' command (net user, net localgroup, etc)

it's depressing to me how many people that i run into today that have an excrutiatingly limited knowledge about the command line in windows, and yet they are considered experts on the platform. that aside, i figured i would share a couple of very simple uses. something people ask a lot is what domain groups they are in. you can run 'net user %username% /domain' from the command line to see what domain groups you are in. it does cut off the names if they are too long, so the ad tools are better or using vbscript to query, but this...

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My MyBook World Edition II Fun =) - Part 1

So in my previous post, I set the following goals for my MyBook WE2: Serve as a storage point for all files I wanted to manually backup. Automatically download torrents from a directory I would put torrents into Automatically download predefined lists of videos and convert them to various formats Consume schedule video from my PCTV2GO and convert it to various formats Download predefined lists of blogs etc I wanted to read and convert them to audio. Serve...

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linux command line cheat sheet

Had a burning need for some linux loving recently. I'll post about that shortly too. I found a great linux command line cheat sheet at Command Description • ...

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My MyBook World Edition II Fun =) - Prelude

So, with the recent announcement of CompUSA's closing, I have  been swinging by there on occasion to check out the deals on whatever stuff there is. I recently purchased a MyBook World Edition II 1TB model and have been having a lot of fun with it. They were down to 299 which isn't ridiculously cheap, but it's far, far below the retail of... whatever it was. Something crazy like 450 i think. I found them several places online for around 320ish. I went by the other day and they are now down to 257 which *is* a pretty sweet deal....

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Stupid Windows Shell Scripting Tricks

If you've never used the 'for' command in windows, it is your friend. It longs for you to use it! It is 'Da Bizzle' as the kids say. Here's a silly little example of using it to delete all of the temporary internet files from all of the profiles on a machine. cd C:\Documents and Settings for /f "tokens=*" %i in ('dir /b') do rd /s ".\%i\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\"

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HTTP Status and SubStatus codes

  HTTP Status HTTP SubStatus Definition 100   ...

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404 error or XML Parsing Error: no element found error on IIS with .Net

 A colleague asked me to be a second pair of eyes for a project he was working on that was getting this error. He had just deployed a new .NET web site to a relatively clean IIS6 machine. He was receiving a 404 error in IE when he merely tried to view his asmx pages. When I tried to open them in Firefox, I received an XML Parsing Error: no element found error. After some looking on the web, I didn't find anything that seemed pertinent to our situation. So, I just started looking around. I noticed he had ASP.NET...

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how do i find what nt domain groups i'm in?

i've received this question from many developers who either weren't sysadmins ever or just forgot. some, perhaps, are just lazy and don't want to look it up or remember it. it may be that others still just want to see if *i* remember. =P the command line to view what nt groups you are in is, literally:  net user %username% /domain   include the % symbols and it will use the environment variable for your username.  

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qwinsta, rwinsta, and reg, OH MY!!

i figured i would make a quick post of some rdp type info i know. realize that all of these require you have the appropriate permissions. have you ever tried to login to a machine via rdp only to get the message that there are too many sessions? well here's how to kill one of those sessions. first of all, you need to see what sessions there are. to do that, we can utilize the command line tool qwinsta. type qwinsta /? to see the syntax. here's a sample: C:\>qwinsta /server:server1 SESSIONNAME USERNAME ...

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query snmp from vbscript

if anyone finds a way to do more, let me know. i have not found a way to query a specific oid via vbscript without using a com object specifically for this or an external command. this method uses the wmi snmp provider. valid values for the class variable below, as far as i know,  are currently: SNMP_RFC1213_MIB_snmp SNMP_RFC1213_MIB_ip SNMP_RFC1213_MIB_ipRouteTable SNMP_RFC1213_MIB_ipAddrTable SNMP_RFC1213_MIB_ipNetToMediaTable SNMP_RFC1213_MIB_interfaces SNMP_RFC1213_MIB_ifTable SNMP_RFC1213_MIB_icmp SNMP_RFC1213_MIB_tcp SNMP_RFC1213_MIB_tcpConnTable SNMP_RFC1213_MIB_egp SNMP_RFC1213_MIB_egpNeighTable SNMP_RFC1213_MIB_udp SNMP_RFC1213_MIB_udpTable SNMP_RFC1213_MIB_system SNMP_RFC1213_MIB_atTable using the wmi cim studio tools available from microsoft for free download, you can find these if you browse to root/snmp/smir and look in snmpmacro/snmpobjecttype set objLocator = CreateObject("WbemScripting.SWbemLocator") set objServices = objLocator.connectServer("", "root/snmp/localhost") set objNamedValueSet = CreateObject("WbemScripting.SWbemNamedValueSet") objNamedValueSet.Add "AgentAddress", "localhost" objNamedValueSet.Add "AgentReadCommunityName", "public" objNamedValueSet.Add "AgentWriteCommunityName", "private" class = "SNMP_RFC1213_MIB_system" set objset =...

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this script has always had a fond place in my heart. here it is in it's original unadulterated glory!!! ' fork.vbs ' Roy Ashbrook - NT Sys Admin Group ' syntax: '  - fork.vbs infile outfile command batchsize ' purpose: '  - circumvent ability to only run one instance of a given shell command at a time. ' details: '  - reads in a list of machines from the infile '  - executes "command" however many times it needs to be run. '  - groups the executions into sizes of "batchsize" '  - at the end of every "batch" it reads the results in, then writes them to outfile ' notes: '  - only works on files with a single...

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ping check - aka isup

@echo off set a=1 ping -n 1 %1 | find /c "bytes=32" > nul if %errorlevel% == 1 set a=0 echo %1 %a% set a= (via don't feed the penguins) *edit* this is a very simple shell script that i used to use for ping checks. i found that it even outperformed using the wmi ping and several other mechanisms for pinging machines that i tried. i'm sure i could rant on at length about all of the times and ways that i had used it, but i won't. note that you could just look for 1 as an error and just use error level, i wanted to...

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if you live in a hole in the ground and haven't heard of asterisk, please, PLEASE go check it out. why? cuz it's cool and it's free that's why. well, as free as anything is. here's a great article on how to get this setup, i'm thinking seriously about setting this up at home.

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running wss 2 and wss 3 side by side

it's pretty easy. i think that there are probably several methods you could use to do this, but this how i do it. if you have 2 or 3 installed, remove them. make sure you have .net 2.0 and 3.0 installed. make sure you have your asp.nets marked as allowed in iis. install 3.0, take all defaults. in v3 central admin site, delete the default site, delete site and db install 2.0, take all defaults test 2.0 in v3 central admin site, create new, change db and use a unique url or port test 3.0 and rejoice the end.

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