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Web.config Inheritance

Scott Forsyth has a great explanation of how inheritance works in the ASP.NET configuration hierarchy. I ran into a problem recently when I put a .NET project that just had a bunch of services in the virtual directory of another website. The services project inherited the theme requirement I had in the web.config of my website and since there was no theme folder in my services project is went kaboom.   Thanks Scott!

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Toolbox Auto-retract in VS.NET

Tired of the tool box disappearing every time you want to get something out of it? Want to get that toolbox off the screen so that you can see your code? All the windows when docked to the outside edge of VS.NET are pin-able. Just click the little pin icon to toggle from always visible mode, to auto-retract mode. Toolbox with the pin toggled in always visable mode: Toolbox with the pin toggled in auto-retract mode:

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Presentation 11/19/2006

Here is my PowerPoint for the presentation at the Central Florida Tech Fair 2006

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Windows Sysinternals

I have been using Sysinternals tools for a while, a while back Microsoft purchased the company. Now they have posted the tools on the Microsoft website to download. Take a look at them here  

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Explorer View in SharePoint

Having a problem getting the Explorer View in SharePoint working, Microsoft has a service that needs to be running on your computer to facilitate that function. Make sure the WebClient service is started. Take a look at this KB article for more information (   Note: This doesn’t seem to affect IE 7, another reason to upgrade. . .

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Network Neutrality - John Hodgeman on the Daily Show

Another funny tech movie from the Daily Show about Network Neutrality.   It has that John Hodgeman guy from the PC/Mac commercials.   Check it out at

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Disable "Internet Connection Wizard"

Had a friend that was trying to get IE to work on a computer that was locked down. When he started up the browser he kept on getting an error message saying that he needed to run the internet connection wizard but he did not have permissions. After a search of the internet we found this article in the Microsoft KB ( that tells you to remove the "Connwiz Admin Lock" key from the registry at "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Control Panel"

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URL Rewriting

Last weekend I went to Russ Fustino’s ( Birthday party, Happy Birthday Russ, and if you ever get that many developers together questions are bound to come up. One of the attendees was asking about URL Rewriting. I told him that I would find him some examples and has promised here it is.

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A Team Lead in Need

Recently I got the email below and I thought I would share it as well as my comments with you and solicit your comments. Please let us know what you think.   Shawn   I'm Team Lead at the XYZ company for .Net development.  Our shop has multiple .Net developers, most of our work to date has been one developer on a project at a time, occasionally 2 for brief periods of time.  We have source control (SourceGear) and love what it does for us.  We have a mixture of C# and VB code (some prefer one...

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.NET 3.0 Released (WCF, WWF, WPF)

The Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 (formerly WinFX), is the new managed code programming model for Windows. It combines the power of the .NET Framework 2.0 with four new technologies:  Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), Windows Workflow Foundation (WF), and Windows CardSpace (WCS, formerly “InfoCard”).   Use the .NET Framework 3.0 today to build applications that have visually compelling user experiences, seamless communication across technology boundaries, the ability to support a wide range of business processes, and an easier way to manage your personal information online.  This is the same great WinFX technology you know and love, now with...

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Code commenting in .NET 2.0

Need MSDN style code documentation for your application? I did. In .NET 1.1 this was easy, just download nDoc. Unfortunately nDoc doesn’t support .NET 2.0. Here comes Microsoft to the rescue. They have released the CTP of the product they use internally for this purpose. Check out Sandcastle at ( Unfortunately the interface leaves much to be desired (i.e. it uses a command prompt). There is a CodePlex application that solves this problem (

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Geek Humor

Another great installment of Geek humor by David Silverlight, check it out at

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SQL Server 2005 DDL Event Logging

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a record of every DDL (structural) change to your SQL Server? Well you can do it very easily in SQL Server 2005. Microsoft has even provided you the script to do it, aren’t they nice. (How about just creating a check box to turn it on in the next SQL Server?) I have included the script below for those of you that have not installed the SQL Server 2005 Samples. When I used it I modified the script below two ways. First I set it up only to log to a relational table (I...

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Inserting Code Snippets in Community Server

I don’t know if it a bug or a feature but if you insert a code snippet with community server it removes blank lines. The problem is that if you use the line number feature it looks funny because it numbers the lines then removes the blanks causing a bunch of numbers at the bottom with no code. My suggestion is to do a regex find and replace before you upload your code. Just search for “\n\n” and replace it with “\n”

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Bitmap Processing in C#

Need to crack a bitmap and dittle around with its pixels? I know there is a managed get pixel property on the bitmap object but that is SLOW if you have to work with a lot of pixels. After some digging around I have compiled a few examples together to make my ImagerBitmap Class. The class uses unmanaged C# and pointers to iterate over the pixels in an image to do stuff. Since unmanaged code is inherently dangerous everything is made private and only some static functions that perform the image filters are exposed. Some of the functions included are:...

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Ok so there are many backup tools on the market and as I stated in my last post, I am cheap, but backing up data is important. As for hardware I recommend an external hard drives (USB, Network Attached, etc.), and for software I recommend using RoboCopy. Yes there is a backup utility in Windows but I do not like the fact that it pushes all your files into on uber file that requires special software to read. RoboCopy allows you to make a copy of each and every file on your computer and it is fast. You can download...

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Free Anti-Virus ?!?!

McAfee, Norton while I am sure these are no doubt good products, I am cheap! I found and have been recommending a free Anti-Virus software from Grisoft for years. Check it out

posted @ Sunday, November 5, 2006 5:47 PM | Feedback (2) | Filed Under [ Downloads ]


Welcome to my new home in the interweb. I have decided to start bloging after much harassment from my colleagues. Mainly from Dennis J. Bottjer ( and Joe Healy ( Well that is it, my first blog post here, you can read my earlier posts on the Orlando .NET User Group website (

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