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December 2006 Entries

Perpetuum Software

Perpetuum Software has donated a few copies of their “.NET ModelKit Suite” ( to the Orlando .NET Users Group. They have offered the first 4 people that read this post and email me at a free copy of their tool suite.

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Ok so I know that this is a heated subject but I thought I would weigh in with my opinion and hopefully add some to the conversation. The focus of my discussion is not the “syntactical sugar” as one of my colleagues calls it but actual performance. To keep things the same I wrote two chunks of code one in VB the other in C# compiled them using VS.NET in release mode and then used Reflector ( to decompile the assemblies. As you can see both versions produced the same disassembly but do they produce the same performance. Conventional wisdom...

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Help with SSIS

UPDATE: it appears to work fine when the physical path to the file is replaced with a file share path (i.e. "\\machine\files\xxx.txt") I recently posted the following question to the Microsoft Newsgroup. If you have any ideas please post a reply to the Newsgroup. THANKS When executing a SSIS package I get the following errorThe file name "D:\xxx.TXT" specified in the connection was not valid. I am executing my package from a .NET Assembly using "Microsoft.SqlServer.Dts.Runtime" C# excerptApplication a = new Application();Package p = a.LoadPackage("e:\xxx.dtsx", null);DTSExecResult result = p.Execute(); My package does the following:1) Executes a TSQL Statement to delete all the data from...

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Beginning Oracle & .NET

A question came across my desk asking about how to get started with using Oracle in .NET. These links on the Oracle site are very helpful. Post comments to share your favorite links. The Oracle .NET Developer Center Build a .NET Application on the Oracle Database Oracle .NET Drivers

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The “Double Hop” Issue

I have run into the dreaded “Double Hop” Issue many times over the last few years, I have even heard horror stories from developers in other companies. To that end I have decided to put together a list of useful links on this issue. Here is a few that I found helpful. If you have more please share them via the comments section. KB Articles Web Cast

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Stack Based Flood Fill Algorithm

For a recent project I needed a Flood Fill Algorithm (see Flood Fill in Wikipedia, Here is my implementation in C++.   Some things to note 1)      I am using the ImagerBitmapClass from a previous post (, which I converted to C++ 2)      I am doing this fill in grey scale, you can easily change it to use full color objects 3)      I am looking for all white objects, converting the first blob of white pixels to a given color, then moving to the next blob with a new color 12345678910111213141516171819202122232425262728293031323334353637383940414243444546474849505152535455 marker = 100;for (int row =...

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ASP.NET AJAX Random Image Rotator

Joe Healy ( came to Orlando today to talk about ASP.NET AJAX ( After seeing his presentation I was inspired to play with the tools. Additionally I got an email asking that I build an image rotator that changed the images on a webpage every 5 seconds. I thought to myself, self I can do that with AJAX, so I did, and I thought I would share it with you. First I added a ScriptManager and UpdatePanel to the page, inside the ContentTemplate area of the UpdatePanel I added an AJAX Timer and an ASP image. Next I set the...

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16th Prize in the November 2006 Community Credit Contest

I am please to announce that I have won 16th Prize in the November 2006 Community Credit ( Contest. I am the proud owner of a Mood Beams Creature. I wanted to give a big thank you to David Silverlight (, and all the volunteers and sponsors that make a GREAT organization like Community Credit work! Mood Beams These four little creatures respond to music with a variety of lightshows — heartbeat; rainbow; strobe; color dance; or color hold (a steady glow). Turn off their Beat Sensor and they'll still attempt to dazzle you with ever-changing lights of red, yellow,...

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