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MVP Summit 2007

I just got back from the Microsoft MVP summit in Redmond Washington. And while I had a great time, I also got a chance to learn a lot about what is coming up with C# over the next few years. I thought that I would take this opportunity to share with you some of the stuff that I thought was interesting that was not under the 2 page NDA they made us sign.

Day 1: On day 1 we went to this expo thing where a bunch of the smaller product groups were talking about their projects. One of the most interesting things there was the .NET Micro Framework ( It was very cool, but I was disappointed to find out that it doesn’t support Microsoft Robotics Studio (

Day 2: In the morning we got to hear a presentation by Bill Gates, yes I got to hear Bill Gates speak in person.  Well it was exciting for me. The best part of his entire presentation was when a Japanese gentlemen got up to ask Bill (see we are on a first name basis now) a question. I give our friend from Japan lots of credit as he stumbled through the English language for about 10 minutes trying to ask Bill a question. I don’t think I would have the guts to do that. After Bill talked we got to hear Anders Hejlsberg ( talk about LINQ. LINQ was a big theme of the event and promises to make all of us rethink how we turn data from the database into objects, in the case of LINQ to SQL, and how we work with those objects once we have them in the case of LINQ to Entities. It also appears that the LINQ team is working on some technologies to help us with the ability to utilize multiple processors to do searching for objects in a collection. Last but not least I got to hear Chris Anderson, Don Box ( speak on Modeling, very interesting stuff and perhaps one of the most entertaining sessions at the Summit.

Day 3 & 4: On this day we broke up into our specialty and got to hang out with the product team for our respective specialty. Since I am a C# MVP I got to spend some time with the C# team and it was rather enlightening. First they gave us another overview of LINQ (I think they are really excited about it), next they broke us up into smaller groups where we got to see some other stuff. The first breakout I went to was guess what another presentation on LINQ (are you catching a theme here).  After that was a session on the IDE and debugging. This IDE session was very interesting because it sounded like every requirements meeting I have ever had. One half of the room wanted something and the other half of the room wanted the opposite. Then Charlie ( got up and talked about community and what Microsoft was doing to help build it. It appears that the major focus is on online community and I reminded Charlie that many of us do a lot of work and would like support for the offline community projects we do like User Groups ( The last breakout session in the track was the C# 3.0 session where they talked about the language enhancements they needed to make to C# these include: Local Variable Type Inference, Extension Methods, Lambda Expressions, Object Initializers, Anonymous Types, Automatic Properties, Expression Trees, Partial Methods. From my understanding these were mainly done to support LINQ but they have other purposes as well. Here is a link to a blog with some code examples ( Last but not least the team did a conclusion session where they wrapped up everything we covered and answered a bunch of questions from the audience.

After the last session we had a closing lunch where I made a deal with David Silverlight ( to trade in the 2 prizes that I won for a USB Missile launcher.

The only bad part of the trip was the flight home. I got stuck for 2 hours in Dallas while American Airlines changed a hydraulic hose on the landing gear of the airplane. But then again I would much rather waste 2 hours then have the landing gear not work! On the other hand it would have been nice for them to give us a realistic estimate of how long it would take. It seemed like every 15 minutes they got on the PA and said it would be another 15 minutes.

Everything being said it was a GREAT trip and I cannot wait to go next year! I just wanted to extend a big thank you to all the people at Microsoft that make the MVP program possible including my lead Rafael Munoz and my local Microsoft people Joe Healy ( & Russ Fustino ( and everyone that backed my nomination in January.

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