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Using XML\A and C# to Query SAP BW

Need to query SAP BW from your .NET application? This is a trivial task with XML\A and C#. XML\A is a specification that allows multidimentional datasources to be queried by applications. It is how Reporting Services talks to SAP BW ( Step 1: Find out the path to your SAP BW XML\A service, Mine looks something like this "http://<Server>:<Port>/sap/bw/xml/soap/xmla" Step 2: Open a .NET project and create a web reference to that service, I called mine MsXmlAnalysis Step 3: Modify the WebService Proxy Class, When .NET generates the proxy class it declares the Execute Mehtod with two arguments the ExecuteCommand and a PropertiesType....

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The C# team Visits ONETUG

On Thursday night the C# team braved the rain and traffic to come out to the Orlando .NET Users Group ( There DJ and Charlie ( talked about LINQ and Silverlight. The members even got a chance to ask questions of the team, it was amazing, when do you actually get to talk to the people that write the language, compiler and IDE? I wanted to extend a big thank you to the team on behalf of ONETUG and all its members, and leave an open invitation for them to come back any time! Thanks Shawn.

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Notes from the TechEd 2007 Birds of a Feather I did with Alan

Shawn WeisfeldC# MVPPresident Orlando .NET Users Group Alan Stevens President East Tennessee .NET Users Group alanstevens@gmail.com Notes by Dave Noderer: Dave for taking notes during the session)  - Microsoft out of the box solution.  - Drag and drop to create a database and CRUD sql statements - Subclass controls to add functionality - Billie has a set of controls to add a number of functionality - How do you do this??   - Ken Getz App dev videos   - Many examples out there   - Much easier with 2005 than 2003   - ASP.NET for dummies - In many cases the out of the box method does not work...

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