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Orlando VS2008 Installfest

Back in November we did the Orlando VS2008 Installfest, and I have got to commend Microsoft for this forward looking opportunity. With the release of any new product there are always barriers to migration. The largest revolve around incompatibilities with older applications, or in the case of Visual Studio the tedious task of upgrading all of ones source code to the newest toolset. While the conversions wizards that have been shipping with VS.NET for a while help with this task depending on the size of your project this is an arduous task.

While code migration and potential incompatibilities drives much of what enterprise users of VS.NET do, the smaller ISV, independent developers or those new to Visual Studio have a much different barrier adoption, the cost of the product. With the price for standard over $250 and professional over $800 this could prevent adoption of the product by those outside enterprises with large IT budgets. While Microsoft has, IMHO, made a great decision by positioning the Express suite with no cost, there is nothing like having the professional version of the tool. After all one would think that they don’t make the majority of there money by selling developer tools, but by selling copies of Windows Vista, Windows Server, and SQL Server for the stuff the developers write to run on.

So let me get off my soapbox and talk a little about the Installfest that the DevFish did for ONETUG here in Orlando. Long story short it was great! Microsoft gave away over 100 copies of the software, VS 2008 T-Shirts, and laptop stickers. There were laptops, power cords, and people everywhere, and most surprising off all is the dedication of the select few that were brave enough to bring there desktops. I think my favorite picture is the gentlemen that brought a suitcase to carry everything. In addition to Joe, I have got to give a big thanks to Brian for volunteering to managing the Install fest table. Good Work!

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