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and simply fixed it

I got this letter from one of my clients recently and I thought I would share. . . ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To whom it may concern,  I am writing this letter so Small Business Owners can know that there is a solution to technical issues.  As a small business owner , I am painfully aware to stay in business, the owners are also the marketing department, the admin department, the accounting department and the technical department.  This sounds overwhelming but if you do an emotional, educational and honest inventory of your talents and what you can manage and then secure the talents of...

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DateTimePicker control and its DateTimeKind setting

I got this information from one of my ONETUG members (thanks JT) and I thought I would share. There's a "feature" in the .NET 2.0 framework for the DateTimePicker control.  When you assign it a value for the DateTime, it will inherit the DateTimeKind setting (Local, UTC, or Unspecified).  When you change the date or time, the Value member then gets its DateTimeKind member set to Unspecified.  As you can imagine, if you are trying to deal with both UTC and Local times, that can really mess up your times. As a remedy for that I'm currently just assuming the same...

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2008 SQL Saturday Tampa

SQL Saturday Tampa 2008 was great, a big thank you to the organizers Pam, Wes, and team, great job guys! To those that attended my session on the SQL CLR I have uploaded my presentation here (

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Dallas Community Leadership Summit

Recently INETA asked me to attend the Dallas Community Leadership Summit ( The event was interesting and a great chance for me to see beyond the borders of Florida. I flew out of Orlando Friday morning to Huston, and then caught a commuter jet to Dallas. Before the event on Friday night the event organizer Caleb Jenkins (, Rob Zelt ( from INETA, myself and some of the other attendees got a chance to hang out at a few adult beverage establishments and talk shop. The next day we got up bright and early and walked over to the Improving...

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C# Tutorials

I was asked to provide some links to online C# Tutorials. I threw the list below together in 5 min, I know I have missed some great sites so please augment my list by leaving a comment. Beginner Developer Learning Center Microsoft Learning Snacks Ramp Up (added 11/15/2008)

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CodeCamps and Sponsorships

In some circles using the word sponsorship in the same sentence as CodeCamp can get you a firm dressing down. People talk of manefestos and the like and while I can understand the desire to keep CodeCamp from turning into a day of marketing, I am also a realist and realize the CodeCamps need donations to operate. These donations take many forms from facilities, to swag, to let’s face it cold hard cash. Additionally it is the responsibility of those running these events to realize that they need the resources of others, and if they wish to receive them year...

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Throbbing Picture Box

As is many times the case I speak to someone and they propose a challenge. This time I was asked to put together a windows forms picture box that when you hover over it with the mouse it throbs. To do this I created a class that inherits from the existing .NET picture box. When the user hovers over the picture I fire up a timer and in its tick event I change the size of the picture box. I am sure there are other ways to do this and would love to see your implementations, but you can download...

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Using TFS and Source Safe at the same time?

We use TFS and still have some legacy code in SourceSafe. Sometimes VS.NET gets confused and thinks it should be attached to SourceSafe and displays the error message “Unable to switch servers at this time. The Team Explorer is busy.” If this happens to you the first thing I would check is your Source Control settings in VS.NET. Just go to Tools | Options and Select Source Control from the tree. Hope this helps!

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South Florida Code Camp 2008

The South Florida Code Camp was another great event. Many thanks go out to the team that worked the countless hours to put it together. For any of you that attended my talk on .NET Reflection here is my Code & PowerPoint.

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2008 JA Bowl-A-Thon

I am participating in Junior Achievement's 2008 Bowl-A-thon! Bowl-A-thon is the largest fundraiser for Junior Achievement of Central Florida, to help reach students in grades K-12 with economic programs and real world knowledge! Please help me reach my goal by donating to my efforts. JA brings community volunteers into the classrooms (K-12) to teach business programs and create the link between classroom and the boardroom. These programs are delivered free of cost to the students and schools. Fundraisers like the Bowl-A-Thon are essential to making sure JA can reach Central Florida students with their programs. By supporting me in the...

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