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Did Windows loose a Window?

Got a good question today and thought I would share the result incase someone else has a problem.  My college was bringing up Netmeeting’s Find Someone window and while it would appear in the Task Bar it was not visible on the screen. After a search for “Windows XP” and “Window Placement” (also tried “Window Location”) no results came up. So we started guessing at a solution. We noticed that when we right clicked on the button in the task bar we got a option for Maximize and then we could see the window but when we pressed restore it...

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SQL Saturday Jax May 3 2008

Tomorrow will be the long awaited third installment of SQL Saturday in Jacksonville FL. I want to thank Brian, Andy and the team for all their hard work putting the event together. If you attended my talk or just want to see some cool stuff about using the CLR in SQL Server check out my presentation (

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