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June 2008 Entries

INETA Champs Program

An XBox or MSDN Subscription to the 10 Most Active Contributors in the User Group Community each quarter. How?  By doing what you are doing already, you stand to win: a) Valuable Prizes: An MSDN Subscription.  And, if you already have one, you can choose an XBox instead. b) The Fame and Prestige of having an award to hang on your wall that shows that INETA recognizes your contributions to the User Group Community. c) Official Recognition on the INETA Website  for one year. All of your peers will be able to see that you stand out above the crowd. If the opportunity presents...

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Generics , Extension Methods, and XML Serialization

At the Jax SQL Saturday I was asked to turn a .NET object into an xml file and then reverse the process. Step 1: Serialization with extension methodsC# 3.0 comes with this cool feature called extension methods. This is syntactical sugar for static methods that allows for you to “add” methods to other objects. To write one of these write a static class with a static method that takes the type you want to extend as the first parameter. The only difference from what you would do normally is to add the keyword “this” before the first parameter. The beauty...

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C# 3.0 (.NET 3.5) Language Features & Delegates

Two more questions from the floor at TechEd. Perhaps the most frequent question at TechEd is “What are the new features of C# 3.0?” Here is the short list:• Implicitly typed local variables • Extension methods • Lambda expressions • Object and collection initializers • Anonymous types • Implicitly typed arrays • Query expressions • Expression trees Check out Anders presentation from last years TechEd here: all the details in this word document: or this URL Also got a question about what a Delegate was. Here is the definition from the documentation. A delegate is a type that references a method. Once a delegate is assigned a method, it behaves exactly like that method. The delegate...

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Silverlight Deep Zoom (aka SeaDragon)

In my second in the series of TechEd Questions I have a good one. Unfortunately it had nothing to do with C#, but that doesn’t diminish its cool factor. The attendee, lets call her Suzie, volunteered to help organization working with an artist that recently passed away catalogue his work on the internet. She wanted a good way to post high resolution images on the web allowing the public to enjoy this persons artistic contribution. The first thing that jumped to mind with the Hard Rock Demo from Mix ( you have got to check this out! You can see...

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Building a solution with many projects is SLOWWWWWWW

This week I am attending TechEd in Orlando FL and I was honored to be requested to work the C# booth by the MVP and C# teams. I got many great questions from attendees and I thought I would post some of the more interesting ones. So here goes. An attendee, let’s call him Bob, came up and said that his builds were very slow. After some chatting Bob told me that he has a huge number of projects in his solution all “joined” together using project references. This is a convent feature of Visual Studio that provides for “cascading”...

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