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Clear Kerberos Tickets cached on your computer

Having trouble authenticating to that website on the intranet? Try clearing out your cache of Kerberos tickets on your computer. . . “klist tickets” will list all the tickets you currently have“klist purge” will clear them outMore information at you can download the tool at

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Shawn @ Tech ED

While I was at Tech ED 2008 in Orlando FL I participated in a roundtable discussion on "How to make community better" with Dan Egan (President of INETA,, Dave Noderer (UG Leader, CO Founder of INETA,,  Christine Betts (GM of the Technical Audience Global Marketing for Microsoft) and Mark Wilson (Charlotte Enterprise Dev Guild, They thought it was a good idea to record it, so I figured I would share

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Virtual CloneDrive

If you have an MSDN license you are flush with lots of ISO files. Maybe you want to burn them all to DVD's but I keep my collection of ISO's on my Windows Home Server ( This saves me alot of time hunting through the pile of junk on my desk looking for a disc. However it does mean that I need software to mount the ISO. This software adds a virtual DVD drive to your computer allowing you to insert the ISO. The beauty is that it appears just like a normal DVD once mounted. . . The best...

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XML in SQL server

Question From NTSSUG - I am working on an application that has object data mapped to tables. The mapping was done many years ago, before the likes of Hibernate came along. It basically maps a class to a table. Object properties with multiple values get their own tables. There are other interesting mappings, but that's the overall concept. We have a guy that has been doing research on an alternate approach. He's storing the object data in an XML string. The XML string is stored in the only field of a table. The table is the only one in the...

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Fun With TFS

I have been moving to a completely virtural environment for the work I do out of my home. In that process I have set up a VirturalServer with TFS 2008 SP1 and a Dev image with VS Team Suite SP 1. Well I forgot to install the Team Explorer before I installed SP 1 on my dev box, and when I attempted to create a work item I got the following error. "Could not load type 'Microsoft.TeamFoundation.WorkItemTracking.Client.WorkItemTypeDeniedOrNotExistException' from assembly 'Microsoft.TeamFoundation.WorkItemTracking.Client" exception I saw a posting on Dan Sniderman's blog saying he had the same problem ( He said he had...

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