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SharePoint WebServices are your friend

Ever wanted access to that treasure trove of information available in SharePoint lists scattered across your enterprise? Ever wanted to provide a quick and dirty UI for users to enter data, but need to have programmatic access to the data? Use SharePoint! SharePoint provides WebServices that give you access to just about everything you can think of ( For the purposes of this article I am going to use the Lists WebService to 1) get data from a list, 2) Add an item to the list and 3) Delete an item from the list. The first step is to add...

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Next Generation Bar Codes

Microsoft has a new technology that allows youto “tag” items in the real world, much like a bar code. The evolutionary step they are taking is that these tags can be read by your camera phone, finally a use for that camera that goes beyond taking crummy pictures. To download the software for your Windows Mobile Device, on your phone go to I will send an MS Press book to the first person that emails me the URL for the tag below (US residents ONLY). Just send the URL with your mailing address to me at Good Luck! ...

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