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March 2009 Entries

Orlando Code Camp 2009

This Saturday I will be speaking at the Orlando Code Camp ( This is my first time back to Orlando after my move to Texas last year. I am sure this will be a great event and cannot wait to catch-up with the old gang. Links to the 2 presentations I will be doing are below. See you there! ASP.NET 101 Dynamic Data

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Restoring Windows One Live Care Backups

Having trouble getting Windows One Live Care to recognize your backup? Try this. Connect the backup to another computer on your network and share out the drive. When the backup is local (i.e. connected directly to the computer) One Care is picky as to the format of the disk, location of the files, etc. However if the backup is attached over a network One Care is allot more flexible. On another related note the article in the KB titled “Restore files on a computer without Windows Live OneCare installed” is pure JUNK!!! If the goal is to restore...

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First Robotics Dallas Regional 2009

     My day job is one of the sponsors of the First Robotics Program. The idea behind the program is to get kids interested in technology. I was invited to participate in the Dallas Regional where high schools from all over the south west and even Mexico participated in a competition to build and deploy a robot to play a game called Lunacy. You can read more about First Robotics here ( and more about the Dallas Regional here (      Lockheed sponsored something called 5th Gear. This was a simulator built on XNA that allowed the teams to practice...

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INETA Directorship

I am pleased to announce that INETA has seen fit to elect me to there board of Directors ( I would like to thank them and congratulate all the others that have gotten elected. My assumption is that I will continue to help with the Champs program and continue my role as Membership Mentor for North Texas.  

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Cross Tab Queries in SQL Server V3

Using the example from my last post (Cross Tab Queries in SQL Server V2) I was asked to figure out how to make the query more dynamic. The only way to make it truly dynamic (i.e. return a different # of columns) would be to use dynamic SQL. However lets say you want to do a sliding window of 5 years for reporting. . . . Here is an example that utilizes a table valued function. . . . . CREATE FUNCTION tvfTest (     @year int )...

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Pivot/Cross Tab Queries in SQL Server V2

Back in 2008 I blogged about Pivot/Cross Tab Queries in SQL Server ( I was asked for another example so here goes:--Sample Sales Table CREATE TABLE [dbo].[Sales]( [ClientID] [int] NOT NULL, [SalesDate] [datetime] NOT NULL, [SalesAmount] [decimal](18, 0) NOT NULL ) ON [PRIMARY] --Added sample data SELECT [ClientID] ,[SalesDate] ,[SalesAmount] FROM [Sales] ClientID SalesDate SalesAmount 1 1/1/2006 100 1 1/1/2007 200 1 1/1/2008 300 1 1/1/2009 400 2 1/1/2006 150 2 1/1/2007 250 2 1/1/2008 250 2 1/1/2009 250--Create view to report Sales by Year by Client SELECT [ClientID] ,DATEPART(yy, [SalesDate]) AS SalesYear ,SUM([SalesAmount]) AS [SalesAmount] FROM [Sales] GROUP BY [ClientID] ...

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Data GridView Edit columns dialogue doesn’t display all items on load in ASP.NET Dynamic Data Projects

NOTE: This is for ASP.NET Dynamic Data ONLY  Issue opened in Connect When I click on Edit Columns in the GridView smart tag I cannot see all the Available Fields (there is should be a scroll bar here) Workaround:If you expand an collapse the CommandField option you now get your scroll bar and can now see the DynamicField option.

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What do your error messages reveal?

I know that most of you all know this already, but I figured it was worth a blog post since I just saw this from I got this very informative error message back when using their site earlier. . . Query Of Queries runtime error.Expected type STRING but encountered type NULL on the left of the LIKE condition  The error occurred in D:\INETPUB\wwwroot\content\Research\kbb\act_valueReport.cfm: line 74 Called from D:\INETPUB\WWWROOT\content\Research\kbb\index.cfm: line 2172 : 73 :  <cfmodule template="mod_kbbtable.cfm" width="#kbbModTableWidth#">74 :  <cfquery dbtype="query" name="qEquip">75 :  SELECT * FROM valueReport.Equipments WHERE GroupCode LIKE 'M' ORDER BY DisplayOrder76 :  </cfquery> While it is important for us...

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A review of Professional DotNetNuke 5: Open Source Web Application Framework for ASP.NET from Wrox

A few weeks ago I got a copy of Professional DotNetNuke 5: Open Source Web Application Framework for ASP.NET ( Figured since I had been to presentations by 3 of the 5 authors I just had to have the book. Brian Scarbeau, Stan Schultes and Ryan Morgan are avid speakers in the Florida .NET community and knowing them I knew this book was going to be a good read. A cross country flight from Dallas Texas to Seattle Washington provided the perfect opportunity to concentrate on reading a new book. While waiting for my plane to take off I made...

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