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System namespace conflict in SAP web services

My colleague, Jerome Nicolas, found a solution the problem outlined below and since he doesn't have a blog and we thought this was some great information we decided to post it to mine. Hope it helps. Scenario: adding a web reference in Visual Studio to an SAP web service that was created from a remotely enabled function module with a table parameter associated type BAPIRET2. Problem: The ABAP object BAPIRET2 is typically used to return messages when calling a BAPI, but it contains a field named “SYSTEM” which can conflict with the System namespace in .NET. If you...

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Server Quest II: Silverlight Game Development Competition

Microsoft is sponsoring a Silverlight Game Development Competition (, and while I am far from a game developer and have never written something in Silverlight I figured I would toss an entry together for fun, and what better then a classic game of tic tac toe. Well how about tic tac toe, INETA vs. Culminis, Mac vs. PC, or .NET vs. Java. Now it is all done in good fun. So if you have a few minutes try your hand out at some good ole tic tac toe, and if you have a couple of hours put together an entry...

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Developer Round Table: April 2009 Meeting

As most of you know I run a virtual user group called Developer Round Table ( Well this is a big month for us, not only do we have Bill Reiss, the first ever Silverlight MVP talking about the yet to be released Silverlight 3.0. Additionally we will be meeting for the first time in ReactionGrid, a .NET/SQL Server based virtual environment. I hope to see everyone there next Friday, and bring your friends & LOTS of questions for Bill.

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Need I say more?

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