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Austin Code Camp 2009

Coming from Florida where I attended every code camp and spoke at every code camp except for one, well until I moved it is nice to be getting into the swing of things out here in Texas. Today I will be giving my ASP.NET Dynamic Data talk at the Austin Code Camp and I cannot wait. I will be repeating the presentation at the Dallas Tech Fest on June 19 if you cannot make it today. Austin Code Camp: Presentation Download Dallas Tech Fest: (while the early bird discount is over, you can still...

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VIPRE from Sunbelt Software

UPDATED, yet again: While I was at Tech Ed I was eating breakfast with a salesman from Sunbelt. Yea I know what you are thinking another salesman, but this guy wasn’t pushy, actually I did not even get his name, but long story short he told me about their product, VIPRE. There are a couple of cool things about there product. 1) it is supposed to be very fast, that is good in an antivirus. 2) it works on Server OS’s (like win 2k3 and win 2k8), and 3) they have an unlimited site license for home users. Since I run...

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Couldn't attend MIX 09?

We are bringing MIX to the DFW area, but instead of repeating the MIX conference, we are boiling down the best of MIX into a 1-day hands on lab. This community event, called MIX Notes, will provide hands-on examples presented by industry leaders. Computers will be provided, but participants are welcome to bring their own laptops. Where:                                 Tekfocus (in the InfoMart) When:                                  June 20, 9 AM - 4 PM Registration Fee:   $25 * Lunch will be provided Sign up today at

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Are you Coming to the Dallas Tech Fest 2009?

I will be speaking at the Dallas Tech Fest, but that should not prevent you from coming. . .    

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See you at TechEd 2009 in LA

I will be spending most of the week at either the MVP booth or the INETA booth. Stop by and say hi!

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Mac vs. PC ads: Apple Please Stop the Hypocrisy

Below is the text of one of their latest adds titled "Legal Copy", that is far too small and scrolls way too fast for any normal human to read. My purpose for posting this is to show the shear lunacy of Apples recent line of commercials. ALL computers require maintenance. ALL computers require anti-virus and malware protection. ALL computers require backup. This is nothing new. I think that Apple is doing a disservice to its customers with the implications that their computers do not require the afore mentioned items. However we live in a free country and people vote with...

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