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Save the MIS Program at UCF

ucf-logoI got the email below and it broke my heart, they are trying to shutdown the MIS program at UCF. If you are an MIS alumni from UCF please read below and take action to help save MIS at UCF.


Send reply's Email Dr. West (

I am writing to alumni of the UCF MIS program to ask your help with a pretty serious matter.  You may or may not have heard that UCF has announced the elimination of five academic programs and the termination of the associated faculty because of the Florida budget crisis.  MIS is one of those programs.  If the decision is finalized the following things will take place:
1. The Department will cease accepting new majors and minors (this has already been implemented even though the decision has not yet become final).
2. The Department will operate normally for the Fall 2009-Spring 2010 academic year.  In May 2010, though, most faculty will be laid off.
3. A very few faculty may be employed for a second year to allow currently enrolled students to complete their degrees.  By May 2011 remaining faculty will be laid off and the programs shut down.

This decision is obviously both personally and professionally devastating to the faculty and staff but the decision will also have an important impact on students and businesses.
The MIS Department can use your help.  I mentioned above that the decision has not been finalized.  The proposal must be ratified by the UCF Board of Trustees (BOT).  The BOT Educational Programs Committee (EPC) will meet on July 13th to recommend approving or disapproving the recommendations for each of the five programs and then the full BOT will meet July 23rd to make a final decision.  Importantly, each program will be given five minutes at the EPC on July 13th to present information to the Committee and members of the public will also be allowed to sign up to speak for three minutes.

I will be speaking on behalf of the MIS Department and one of the most powerful points that we can make regarding the value of the MIS degree is to emphasize the contribution that our graduates make to the Florida economy.  One of the most important things that you can do is to give us the information we need to make this case.

A little later in this message I will tell you about some other ways that you can help to fend off this action but right now I want to ask you to provide me some information about yourself.  I am going to ask you for some pretty personal information including some salary information and I want to assure you that this will be held in absolute confidence.  I will be using the salary and employer information to create a picture of the value of our graduates using averages and ranges.  In no case will I be publishing a by-name list or releasing your messages to anyone else.  But this message is going out to over 900 alumni who received grades of B or higher in some of our key courses and the information that you can provide collectively can paint a powerful picture of the value of the program.

If you would, please reply to this message, delete the portion of the message above and below the dashed lines, and answer the questions in the survey below.  Be sure to read below the questionnaire for other activities and ways to help and also please pass this message on to classmates with whom you have stayed in touch in case their e-mail addresses have changed.

Please type your information after the colon in each question
First Name:
Last Name
Year Graduated:
Degree (BS, MS, MBA):
MIS Major or Minor or Double Major:
  --If a minor or double major please indicate major as well:
Annual starting salary when you graduated:
Current annual salary:
City and State where you work:
Job Title:
Comments (please add any information about your life or career and how your degree contributed to either or both):

Here are some other ways that you can help.
1. Mr. Michael Kahn, an MIS alumni and executive with HostDime, an Orlando based web and server hosting company, has organized three resources to help alumni get involved and is also setting up a petition drive and letter-writing campaign.  You can find a web site, FaceBook group, and Twitter account at:
Stay tuned to Mike' resources for additional updates.
2. Attend the BOT meetings.  The Educational Programs Committee meets Monday, July 13th, from 2:30 to 5:30 in the Cape Florida Ballroom in the Student Union.  The main body of the BOT meets Thursday, July 23rd at the Live Oak Center.  Watch Mike's resources for exact times.
3. Contact members of whatever UCF alumni networks you are in and forward this message to others.  I am using an aging e-mail list and I expect to get many messages returned from inactive accounts.
I hope that this message finds you well, in good health, and enjoying personal and professional success.  I hope to hear back from you regarding this troublesome issue but I would also enjoy hearing about your life after UCF.  And who knows?  If we are unable to turn this issue around I may need to be asking you for a job or a reference.

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