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Houston Tech Fest 2009

  Thanks to everyone that attended my .NET Generics Talk at the Houston Tech Fest today. You can download the code and PowerPoint here, and the recording will be posted to INETA Live shortly. Developer<T>: Utilizing .NET Generics to write better code  September 26, 2009 04:20 PM - 05:35 PM Shawn Weisfeld Generics let you tailor a method, class, structure, or interface to the precise data type it acts upon. In this session we will discuss what capabilities Generics provide to you the developer and how to use them in collections, and with delegates. We will also talk about creating your own...

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ASP.NET Dynamic Data Presentation @ DDNUG & NTPCUG

I have the opportunity to share my ASP.NET Dynamic Data talk to TWO user groups in 1 week! So if you attended my talk last night or plan to attend on Saturday you can download the PowerPoint and code HERE. If you miss the meeting I plan to post a recoding to INETA Live shortly. If you attended or watched the recording and got questions/comments I would love to here them. Click on my face on the left to contact me via facebook.

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What Do INETA BOF Sessions Mean to Me?

I wrote a post over on the INETA Birds of a Feather blog. Please take a moment to check it out, See you at PDC!

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