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DFW Technically Speaking on March 27th

If you are looking to brush up on your presentation skills, or just want to be better prepared the next time the boss wants you to demo your work this is a must attend event. More Information at

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Developer: Utilizing .NET Generics to write better code by Shawn Weisfeld @ UT Dallas .NET UG on 02/27/2010

This Saturday (2/27) I will be giving my .NET Generics talk for the UT Dallas .NET UG in Richardson TX. If you are in the area please check it out ( If you cannot make it but are interested in seeing the talk, you can watch it online. Abstract: Generics let you tailor a method, class, structure, or interface to the precise data type it acts upon. In this session we will discuss what capabilities Generics provide to you the developer and how to use them in collections, and with delegates. We will also talk about creating your own generic classes and...

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Expose your Entity Framework Data Models with WCF Data Services by Shawn Weisfeld @ Dallas ASP.NET UG on 02/23/2010

Another in the series of recordings I have done for INETA Live. Video Slides/Code Download: Click Here Abstract: The WCF Data Services (a.k.a. ADO.NET Data Services or code name Astoria) framework consists of a combination of patterns and libraries that enable the creation and consumption of data services for the web. This is implemented in done in a standards based (OData) RESTful way serializing the data to JSON or AtomPub. In this talk we will introduce the WCF Data Services platform, talk about the basic underpinnings of the technology. Then we will build a simple Entity Framework Data Model and using WCF Data...

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A Look at Windows Workflow 4.0 by Anderson Imes @ D/FW Connected Systems UG on 02/10/2010

Another in the series of recordings I have done for INETA Live. Abstract: Come join us as Anderson Imes gives us an overview of Workflow 4.0 features, including Workflow Services and the Windows Server Application Fabric. Bio: Anderson Imes is a Senior Programmer for Mary Kay and an active member of Microsoft's Connected Technology Advisor program. Anderson is currently delivering software solutions built on .NET, including Windows Communication Foundation and Windows Workflow. You can learn more about Anderson from his blog

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Society of Computational Science & Robot Vision: Follow the Leader

While working on my Masters at FIT I wrote a paper about some vision processing that I did with Microsoft Robotics Studio ( and and iRobot Create ( I was asked if I would post it on a new website that one of my colleagues at FIT is putting together Society of Computational Science ( I thought I would also take the opportunity to post it here (, as I loose anything that is not on my blog. . . .   Here is a picture of my robot and I at a presentation that I did at the Orlando Bar...

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A Tale of Two Threads by Casey Watson @ Dallas C# SIG on 02/04/2010

Another in the series of recordings that I have done for INETA Live. Abstract: A user interface, unresponsive, unable to provide feedback to a frustrated user. A complex back-end process, performing intense calculations, consuming every available resource. A single thread, starving for more processor time than the operating system can possibly provide. In a world of multi-core machines, one framework stands above the rest, ready to take advantage of today's modern hardware. It's journey, fraught with peril and danger. It's weapons, an arsenal of synchronization mechanisms. Coming this Thursday, from the makers of quality software,...

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Event Driven Architecture by Chris Patterson @ North Dallas .NET UG on 02/03/2010

Another in the series of recordings that I have been doing for INETA Live Abstract: In this presentation, I will explain event driven architecture, describe the different types of events, demonstrate how events can be related and orchestrated, and provide a basic understanding of how this method can drive the architecture of enterprise systems. In addition to understanding the concepts of event driven architecture, we will explore a working sample built using an open-source .NET messaging framework called Mass Transit. Bio: Chris Patterson ( is a Senior Architect for RelayHealth, the connectivity business of the nation's leading healthcare services company. There he is...

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Upgrade from SSIS 2005 to 2008 broke SSIS Logging

My DBA upgraded our server from 2005 to 2008 and when it did my SSIS packages stopped logging messages. Problem 1: Well the default logging mechanism in 2005 logs to the dbo.sysdtslog90 table. Well in 2008 they changed the table name to dbo.sysssislog. Not a big deal, but you will never find something if you look in the wrong place. Problem 2: Well now that I am looking at the right table, I noticed that my events were NOT showing up. In particular I was looking for the OnPreExecute and OnPostExecute methods. Poof gone, after many searches I stumbled across the following posts: Ahh,...

posted @ Wednesday, February 3, 2010 8:02 AM | Feedback (7) | Filed Under [ SSIS ]

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