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State of .NET by Markus Egger on 03/30/2010

Another in the series of recordings that I have done for INETA Live.

Part 1

Part 2


A free, unbiased look at the current and future development with .NET. Brought to you by Microsoft, CODE Training & EPS Software, this free afternoon event presents an unbiased look at the current and future development with .NET. Join Markus Egger, for an afternoon of free and independent information about current Microsoft development technologies! What is the state of .NET today? Which of the many .NET technologies have gained traction? Which ones can you ignore for now? What's new in .NET? What other Microsoft technologies should you include in your development efforts? This event is completely free of charge and is designed for developers as well as IT decision makers. Specific prior knowledge is not required. Attendees of this event will come away with a clear understanding of which technologies to use for various technical challenges. This is NOT Microsoft marketing hype - this is based on our real-world development experience with various techologies. Exact list of topics is under NDA until after MIX announcements have been made. Topics may include: - Silverlight 4.0 - WPF and Visual Styles - Expression Studio - .NET 4.0 - Visual Studio 10 - Windows Azure and Cloud Services - ASP.NET MVC - WCF & WCF RIA Services - Windows 7 - "Dallas" (codename) - .NET Languages (C#4, VB, F#, IronPython, IronRuby) - Trends in .NET - Development techniques


Markus Egger is the President and CSA of EPS Software Corp. and its associated brands and companies, such as CODE Magazine, CODE Online, Xiine, Tower 48, EPS Austria GmbH, JockTock, and others. EPS is a custom software development and consulting firm located in Houston, Texas (USA) and Salzburg (Austria). He specializes in consulting for advanced business applications built on the Microsoft platform. EPS does most of its development using Microsoft Visual Studio (.NET) and SQL Server (among other technologies). EPS has worked on numerous software projects for Fortune 500 companies including Philip Morris, NEC, Qualcomm, Shell and Microsoft. Markus has also worked on campus as a contractor for the Microsoft Visual Studio team.

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