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New MBA Program

As some of you know, I moonlight as an instructor of Information Systems for the Florida Institute of Technology ( They have a large offering of online degree programs, and I am lucky enough to be able to tech a course for them. This announcement came across my desk from them and thought it would be a good opportunity to blog about the work I do with that school.   To:          All Orlando Faculty From:    Dennis Kulonda, Director Orlando Center Subject:  New MBA Program It is my pleasure to announce the availability...

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MS Product Team is coming to town, June 3 2010

Experts in today’s leading technologies guide you through current trends. With Microsoft’s newly released Visual Studio 2010 come join Sarika and Kevin as they share their product knowledge and the culture experience at the world’s largest technology company. SPEAKERS SARIKA CALLA—Speaking about Microsoft from a woman’s perspective, this nativeborn Indian holds a Masters in Computer Science from Georgia Tech and has been with Microsoft for the past eight  years. Sarika is now a Team Lead on the IDE Team. KEVIN HALVERSON—With seven years as a Microsoft employee, Kevin has expertise in LINQ Expression Trees,...

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Getting Started with LINQ by Rob Vettor @ UT Dallas .NET UG on 04/24/2010

Another in a series of presentations that I have recorded for INETA Live. Part 1 Part 2 Abstract: In this session Rob provides an overview of the benefits of using LINQ vs. traditional techniques. Rob then does an overview of LINQ to Objects, LINQ to XML and LINQ to Entities. This presentation is targeted to those that are new to LINQ and are looking for a high level view of what it is and how it can be used. Bio: Rob Vettor...

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Cannot export Local Reporting Services Reports to excel or pdf?

If you get the following error when trying to export a Local Reporting services report to excel or pdf: Internet Explorer cannot download … ReportViewerWebControl.axd from <server name> Internet explorer was not able to open this Internet site. The requested site is either unavailable or cannot be found. Please try again later.     You might want to check the properties on your virtual directory. Here is mine before I made the change. As you can see it is set to “no-cache”. What I think is happening is that IE...

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Cannot open IIS based websites in VS.NET 2008

Problem, when creating a "Web Site" or opening a "Web Site" in VS.NET 2008 using the Local IIS option you get the following message. To Access Local IIS Web Sites, you must install the following IIS components: In addition, you must run Visual Studio in the context of...

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Integrating ASP-MVC into Silverlight by Amir Rajan @ Dallas .NET UG on 04/08/2010

Another in the series of recordings that I have done for INETA Live Abstract: Amir Rajan will be showing us how to "easily" integrate Silverlight 3 into an ASP-mvc application. We'll start off by looking at async communication using jQuery, and then move into how to make some restful magic happen in Silverlight 3. Agenda: Crash course on async communication in asp-mvc using jQuery Integration of Silverlight into asp-mvc How to leverage asp-mvc to communicate restfully in Silverlight ...

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Accelerate Your Debugging Skills with VS 2010 by Rob Vettor @ Dallas .NET UG on 04/08/2010

Another in the series of recordings that I have done for INETA Live. Abstract: As a developer, you can easily spend 50% or more of your time in a debugger. Engage early in learning how to leverage the new debugging features in Visual Studio 2010 to quickly identify and resolve problem areas in your application. In this session, we’ll … • Deep dive into the new IntelliTrace (formerly, historical debugging) feature, which enables to step back in time within your debugging session, without having to constantly restart your application. • Learn how...

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Inversion Of Control In Action by Matt Hinze @ North Dallas .NET UG on 04/07/2010

Another in the series of recordings I have done for INETA Live. Abstract: Join Matt Hinze to talk about inversion of control, object-oriented principles, software architecture and how to develop quality software very quickly. In this intermediate to advanced level talk, Matt will present the basics of IOC in C# and dive deep into interesting usage patterns... Bio: Matt Hinze is a Principal Consultant at Headspring, an Austin, Texas based agile software consultancy. As a Microsoft Certified Trainer, Matt has been successfully delivering technical courses to software developers since 2005. Meanwhile he is a full time developer working in the trenches on major...

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Technically Speaking on 03/27/2010

Another in the series of recordings I have done for INETA Live. This one is a bit special. It was a 1 day mini-conference designed to provide information to folks to improve there speaking skills. IMHO this is very important regardless of if you are presenting at a UG or demoing your work to coworkers, clients, or management. I would like to give a big thanks to Teresa Burger for putting the event together, to Woot (, go get your bag of crap NOW) for hosting the event, and to Improving Enterprises ( for sponsoring lunch. ...

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