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Microsoft Key Binding Charts for VS 2010

Remember the old Word Perfect days, when we had that paper glued to our keyboard telling us what the function keys did. Well with VS 2010 there are lots of great shortcuts. Zain our local DE has a good blog series on these tips (, but it is helpful to have a list. Enter the Key Binding charts. You might have been lucky enough to get one from the languages team, but if not, you can print one out (


My only question is should we read something into the pictures? F# a young attractive woman, C# a middle aged guy with some goofy grin, and VB and older gentleman. hmm, what are they trying to say. . . .


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# re: Microsoft Key Binding Charts for VS 2010

lol they are saying that f# is sexy.
7/9/2010 7:52 AM | Nick Coombs

# re: Microsoft Key Binding Charts for VS 2010

Nick... Shame on ur comment. she is so beautiful.
12/16/2011 2:28 PM | Imran

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