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SilverlightPalooza & WinPhone7 Rovio Robot Controller

I had the great pleasure of attending the DFW Silverlight and WP7 DevCamp (Silverlightpalooza) this weekend.

Big thanks goes to Teresa Burger & the entire team of volunteers that made this event possible.

Without the financial support of Microsoft WP7 Team and Improving Enterprises, the event wouldn't have happened. 

And a big thanks to all the provide prizes: Microsoft WP7 Team,  Agilitrain, Expression .toolbox team, telerik, Infragistics, @zainnab, Matrix Resources, Pearson, and Apress.

I also want to thank my team, James, Rap, Krishna, Ron for all your help!


We decided to build a Rovio controller for the Windows 7 Phone. The Rovio is a robotic web camera made by the folks at WowWee ( The Robot sports among other things a nice restful service architecture and a mini web server making sending the instructions to and getting information from the robot as easy as just hitting URL’s. As you can see by the above photo the background of the phone is a stream of camera images from the phone. On the left there are 2 progress bars, the top for WiFi signal strength, and the bottom for battery power. Just to the left of that are three arrows that instruct the robot to move forward, left and right, and a stop button that tells it to stop moving. On the right hand side of the UI are a series of buttons that allow you to put the robots head up, head middle, head down, headlights on, and to tell the robot to go home. At the bottom of the screen is some diagnostics information for the user. The final feature of our application was that since the phone emulator doesn’t have an accelerometer, we wired the emulator up to a Wii controller allowing you to steer the robot with the accelerometer in it.

All in all it was a great weekend and I cannot wait till next time. Stay tuned, I have a bit of clean up to do in the code then I will be sure to post it also.

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# re: SilverlightPalooza & WinPhone7 Rovio Robot Controller

Hey Shawn

This is great project! Any chance you share your code for this app? Even non finished coed would do ;-). I have a Rovio and look forward to have my WinPhone 7 device!

10/18/2010 6:03 PM | Olivier

# re: SilverlightPalooza & WinPhone7 Rovio Robot Controller

Hey Shawn,
Please share the code.
Have you used the rovio net api? (
1/30/2011 4:05 AM | Ike

# re: SilverlightPalooza & WinPhone7 Rovio Robot Controller

need it too ... please
6/3/2012 2:47 PM | DE SOUSA

# re: SilverlightPalooza & WinPhone7 Rovio Robot Controller

I looked, I dont think I am going to be able to find this code :(
6/6/2012 6:09 AM | shawnweisfeld

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