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I don’t normally rant about a product, but I feel my experiences with Mozy warrant a bit of public humiliation (for them). . .

Last weekend I was having an issue with their software. Being a software developer I understand that all software has bugs, and I would think that I am more willing then most to help debug an issue. I hopped on there support chat line and got one of there staffers. He requested control of my computer and then attempted to install the software a few times. During that process a message box came up saying that the software created a log file. After the tech disappeared for a few min, I took control of the computer back and started reading the log file. A few minutes later when the tech came back he told me that he knew what was wrong and quickly closed the log file. (How dare I read the log file!) He then attempted to reinstall the software a few more times, after witch he opened the registry changed (but did not save) a key. When I had the audacity to tell him that he did not save the changes to the registry he again told me that he knew what he was doing and everything would be fixed in a few minutes. A few minutes later he triggered something in the Mozy uninstaller that caused my computer to reboot. However since he failed to tell me that he was going to reboot my computer I had lost a few hours of work, ARGG! When the computer came backup I logged back into the chat where the same tech found me again and did another install of there software. After about an hour of this, I was getting a bit frustrated. When the tech proceed to tell me, and I quote, "Sorry software broke" and "All I do is fix computers. Computers break that is a fact of life." "I fixed your issue. Sorry you hate me for it." When I asked to speak to a supervisor, somehow I got disconnected from the chat (hmm). To say the least, I was annoyed. I called up Mozy sales and told them that I had an issue with there tech support and would need to cancel my service. Without pause the operator turned my service off and told me how to get a full refund. I was taken aback, she did not even attempt to “save” my account or even ask me what the problem I had with tech support was about. I emailed the Mozy sales department telling them all of this and they sent me a stock letter back saying that I will receive a full refund in 7 to 10 business days.

I don’t know how you run your business, but if my customers have an issue, at a minimum I ask Why and try to resolve the issue. Sometimes nothing can be done and we have to go our separate ways, but the folks at Mozy don’t seem to care. I guess they have more then enough business. Long story short, in my experience, the best part about Mozy is there ability to process a cancellation.

BTW now I am trying out Carbonite, lets see how that goes. . .

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# re: Mozy, tisk tisk

If I had known sooner, I would've recommend CrashPlan (but only if you are looking for cloud backup, not synchronization).

While I like the unlimited backup storage in realtime, and was willing to pay for the upgrade with encryption, what I really like is that I can also set it up to back up to another computer.

BTW, no Drobo for local backup storage???

Also, what's this blog running on?
8/30/2010 7:16 PM | Marc Kaplan

# re: Mozy, tisk tisk

I had significant issues with Mozy, trying to make it work and got about the same result that you did. I do have to give them kudos that they refunded my money quickly. I wound up going with BackBlaze ( and have been very happy with it.
8/31/2010 8:17 AM | Todd

# Makes me wonder...

Wow, fortunately you didn't need to retrieve data which would have otherwise been lost. Thought it makes me wonder, if that's how they treat the customers (condoned or simply ignored), how do they treat the customer's data?
9/14/2010 11:46 PM | Hugo

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