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Zebra Strip a jqGrid

  Zebra striping, or greenbar, or odd/even row highlighting whatever you call it, your boss asked you for it and now you are here and you are trying to figure out how to implement it. When I was attempting to do this I saw many examples using javascript to do this, however why do in javascript what you can do in CSS. If you look for a solution for a standard html table (of which there are millions on the web) they will tell you to do something like this:     #grdResults tr:nth-child(even) {             background-color:rgb(226, 228, 240);         } While this works great for...

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Use ASP.NET MVC as a template engine

Get the code here: Got a question today from a colleague. He had a database full of records, lets say customers, and needed to generate static html document for each customer. I did not ask him why he needed the static html, but let’s assume that he was going to use it as the body of an email message. After doing a bunch of thinking I was disappointed that I could not use the power of the MVC template-ing engine, razor. Or could I. What if I wrote a view that pulled a customer from the database...

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Entity Framework insert performance

While I am big believer in Entity Framework (EF) there are some cases where dropping down to raw ADO.NET make sense. In an application I am working on I need to insert thousands of records into the database, and while the change tracking mechanism and other features in EF provides a great service sometimes the overhead of it doesn’t outweigh the benefits it offers. I threw together a quick little sample app (you can download it from GitHub here) that shows the problem. The app simply creates a bunch of random customer objects and saves them to sql server. Here...

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