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Zebra Strip a jqGrid


Zebra striping, or greenbar, or odd/even row highlighting whatever you call it, your boss asked you for it and now you are here and you are trying to figure out how to implement it. When I was attempting to do this I saw many examples using javascript to do this, however why do in javascript what you can do in CSS.

If you look for a solution for a standard html table (of which there are millions on the web) they will tell you to do something like this:
    #grdResults tr:nth-child(even) {
            background-color:rgb(226, 228, 240);

While this works great for normal tables for a jqGrid it will not work. Why because the cells themselves are overriding your command. Easy enough to solve, just color the background of each cell. (note the td at the end of the first line)
        #grdResults tr:nth-child(even) td {
            background-color:rgb(226, 228, 240);

Wammo! A zebra striped jqGrid with no additional javascript overhead.

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