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Redis Timeout errors with the StackExchange Redis Client

While I am not a big fan of writing large chunks of data to Redis and I am not a big fan of writing to Redis synchronously, I offer this information in case it will help you. When writing large values to Redis I had a customer observe the following timeout error, Using the StackExchange client: {"Timeout performing SET MyName, inst: 0, mgr: Inactive, queue: 2, qu=1, qs=1, qc=0, wr=1/1, in=0/0"} I was writing the value to Redis synchronously, something like this: db.StringSet("MyName", foo); I found that I could resolve the issue by writing the string asynchronously, of course...

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Azure WebRole OnStart Trace.Write Azure SDK 2.5

With earlier versions of the Azure SDK when you wanted to “hook up” the DiagnosticMontiorTraceListener to log information using Trace.Write in the OnStart method of the Azure WebRole you could simply make the following call and the Azure trace listener would collect all the Trace statements from your code in the OnStart method. System.Diagnostics.Trace.Listeners.Add(new Microsoft.WindowsAzure.Diagnostics.DiagnosticMonitorTraceListener()); However in Azure SDK 2.5 the DiagnosticMontiorTraceListener no longer inherits from System.Diagnostics.TraceListener, therefore you must wrap it in order to inject it. Wrapping it is done simply with the following code. Now you can inject your TraceListener into the pipeline before you need to log anything,...

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