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Redis Timeout errors with the StackExchange Redis Client

While I am not a big fan of writing large chunks of data to Redis and I am not a big fan of writing to Redis synchronously, I offer this information in case it will help you.

When writing large values to Redis I had a customer observe the following timeout error, Using the StackExchange client:

{"Timeout performing SET MyName, inst: 0, mgr: Inactive, queue: 2, qu=1, qs=1, qc=0, wr=1/1, in=0/0"}

I was writing the value to Redis synchronously, something like this:

db.StringSet("MyName", foo);

I found that I could resolve the issue by writing the string asynchronously, of course by tagging Wait to the end of the line I get none of the Async benefits, so if you are going to do this in your app, you probably want to make the entire method Async.

db.StringSetAsync("MyName", foo).Wait();

Another other option is to bump up the SyncTimeout, here is an example of how that is done, note I am setting the timeout to max value, and this is not a best practice, you will want to pick a value that makes sense for your application. . .

Here is a good article that explains in more detail about timeout errors:

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