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AT&T U-verse Gigapower & Skype/Skype for Business

Like many I was super excited to get AT&T U-verse Gigapower to my home. Can you say FAST! No it is really FAST!

However, I have had some problems with the first few seconds of my Skype/Skype for Business phone calls being unbearably bad. I was chatting with a colleague (thanks Ahmed) and he had the fix, two small tweaks to the default firewall settings on the AT&T Router.

  1. Connect to your local network at home.
  2. Log into your router via the browser. By default, this is probably at however you can check by looking at the ipconfig settings on your PC.
  3. Navigate to "Firewall" and then "Firewall Advanced"
  4. Switch "Flood Limit" and "SIP ALG" to OFF
  5. Save the settings
  6. Call your mom and tell her that you lover her.

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