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How To change the replication of an Azure storage account.

This article does a great job talking about the different replication options with Azure Storage:

My general rule of thumb: I like LRS for my VM hard drives, it provides higher throughput and is the least expensive, and I typically have workload specific backup/HA/DR for them. I like RA-GRS for my backups, as it allows me to read the secondary’s and do DR drills any time I need, without touching anything in the primary Azure region.

Step #1: open your storage account in the portal and identify what replication is currently enabled. In this screen shot you can see I am using LRS.

Step #2: go to configuration, select the new replication level, press save.

Step #3: Done! Verify the change. Depending on the amount of data in your account it might take a bit of time to get everything synced up.

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