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Event Driven Architecture by Chris Patterson @ North Dallas .NET UG on 02/03/2010

Another in the series of recordings that I have been doing for INETA Live Abstract: In this presentation, I will explain event driven architecture, describe the different types of events, demonstrate how events can be related and orchestrated, and provide a basic understanding of how this method can drive the architecture of enterprise systems. In addition to understanding the concepts of event driven architecture, we will explore a working sample built using an open-source .NET messaging framework called Mass Transit. Bio: Chris Patterson ( is a Senior Architect for RelayHealth, the connectivity business of the nation's leading healthcare services company. There he is...

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Building a solution with many projects is SLOWWWWWWW

This week I am attending TechEd in Orlando FL and I was honored to be requested to work the C# booth by the MVP and C# teams. I got many great questions from attendees and I thought I would post some of the more interesting ones. So here goes. An attendee, let’s call him Bob, came up and said that his builds were very slow. After some chatting Bob told me that he has a huge number of projects in his solution all “joined” together using project references. This is a convent feature of Visual Studio that provides for “cascading”...

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Notes from the TechEd 2007 Birds of a Feather I did with Alan

Shawn WeisfeldC# MVPPresident Orlando .NET Users Group Alan Stevens President East Tennessee .NET Users Group alanstevens@gmail.com Notes by Dave Noderer: Dave for taking notes during the session)  - Microsoft out of the box solution.  - Drag and drop to create a database and CRUD sql statements - Subclass controls to add functionality - Billie has a set of controls to add a number of functionality - How do you do this??   - Ken Getz App dev videos   - Many examples out there   - Much easier with 2005 than 2003   - ASP.NET for dummies - In many cases the out of the box method does not work...

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A Team Lead in Need

Recently I got the email below and I thought I would share it as well as my comments with you and solicit your comments. Please let us know what you think.   Shawn   I'm Team Lead at the XYZ company for .Net development.  Our shop has multiple .Net developers, most of our work to date has been one developer on a project at a time, occasionally 2 for brief periods of time.  We have source control (SourceGear) and love what it does for us.  We have a mixture of C# and VB code (some prefer one...

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