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ASP.NET Dynamic Data Quickie: Using an Entity Data Model from a Class Library

I have been going around Texas giving a talk on ASP.NET Dynamic Data and got a follow up question: “If my Entity Data Model is in a class library, how to I get ASP.NET Dynamic Data to see it?” I thought I would put together a quick video explaining the steps. Here is the video: And if you wanted to see the original presentation here you go!

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Shawn @ Dallas Dev Cares 2009/12/11

Thanks to all that attended my 3 talks at the Dallas Dev Cares UG yesterday and thanks Ken Byrd from TekFocus for hosting the meeting. As promised here is the download of the PowerPoint and code bits. I also included links to recordings of 2 of the 3 talks. Download Presentations Here Recording of ASP.NET Dynamic Data:   Recording of Developer of <T> Generics talk:

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Dallas DevCares – Dec 11 2009: C# Generics, ASP.NET Dynamic Data & VS.NET Tips and Tricks

By popular request on Dec 11 I will be giving 2 of my most popular talks on C# Generics and ASP.NET Dynamic Data. Then as a bonus just for the DevCares Community I will put together some of my favorite VS.NET Tips and Tricks. You can attend online or in person. Get all the details on there website at

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ASP.NET Dynamic Data Presentation @ DDNUG & NTPCUG

I have the opportunity to share my ASP.NET Dynamic Data talk to TWO user groups in 1 week! So if you attended my talk last night or plan to attend on Saturday you can download the PowerPoint and code HERE. If you miss the meeting I plan to post a recoding to INETA Live shortly. If you attended or watched the recording and got questions/comments I would love to here them. Click on my face on the left to contact me via facebook.

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Austin Code Camp 2009

Coming from Florida where I attended every code camp and spoke at every code camp except for one, well until I moved it is nice to be getting into the swing of things out here in Texas. Today I will be giving my ASP.NET Dynamic Data talk at the Austin Code Camp and I cannot wait. I will be repeating the presentation at the Dallas Tech Fest on June 19 if you cannot make it today. Austin Code Camp: Presentation Download Dallas Tech Fest: (while the early bird discount is over, you can still...

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Data GridView Edit columns dialogue doesn’t display all items on load in ASP.NET Dynamic Data Projects

NOTE: This is for ASP.NET Dynamic Data ONLY  Issue opened in Connect When I click on Edit Columns in the GridView smart tag I cannot see all the Available Fields (there is should be a scroll bar here) Workaround:If you expand an collapse the CommandField option you now get your scroll bar and can now see the DynamicField option.

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