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Microsoft: Wanted: Killer apps! Reward: $12,000 prize!

Saw this from Microsoft, thought I would share. . . If you win the car I want a ride! Spread the word—there’s a contest for developers blazing trails with the .NET Framework and Visual Studio, Windows, Windows Server, Windows Azure, SQL Server, or SharePoint. We’re looking for interesting, powerful and unique solutions based on the latest Microsoft technologies. And the winners get their choice of a 15 day Galapagos Islands Adventure or a new Smart Car! Two ways to win! Judges Choice: Impress the panel of technology industry leaders and Microsoft gurus for...

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Austin Code Camp 2009

Coming from Florida where I attended every code camp and spoke at every code camp except for one, well until I moved it is nice to be getting into the swing of things out here in Texas. Today I will be giving my ASP.NET Dynamic Data talk at the Austin Code Camp and I cannot wait. I will be repeating the presentation at the Dallas Tech Fest on June 19 if you cannot make it today. Austin Code Camp: Presentation Download Dallas Tech Fest: (while the early bird discount is over, you can still...

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Mac vs. PC ads: Apple Please Stop the Hypocrisy

Below is the text of one of their latest adds titled "Legal Copy", that is far too small and scrolls way too fast for any normal human to read. My purpose for posting this is to show the shear lunacy of Apples recent line of commercials. ALL computers require maintenance. ALL computers require anti-virus and malware protection. ALL computers require backup. This is nothing new. I think that Apple is doing a disservice to its customers with the implications that their computers do not require the afore mentioned items. However we live in a free country and people vote with...

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SharePoint WebServices are your friend

Ever wanted access to that treasure trove of information available in SharePoint lists scattered across your enterprise? Ever wanted to provide a quick and dirty UI for users to enter data, but need to have programmatic access to the data? Use SharePoint! SharePoint provides WebServices that give you access to just about everything you can think of ( For the purposes of this article I am going to use the Lists WebService to 1) get data from a list, 2) Add an item to the list and 3) Delete an item from the list. The first step is to add...

posted @ Tuesday, February 24, 2009 6:50 PM | Feedback (3) | Filed Under [ .NET Microsoft SharePoint WCF ]

Ramp Up

Microsoft has started a new program called Ramp UP ( “Ramp Up is a free, online, community-based learning program, with a number of different tracks that will help you build your portfolio of professional development skills. Ramp Up has a solid foundation of premium technical content from subject-matter gurus, and provides easy-to-access content in a variety of forms that guide you in learning the important skills.”At this time they have 6 tracks. . . SharePoint for Developers (Part 1) Visual Studio 2008 Aspiring Developer (migrating to VS 2005) Java Developer (migrating to VS 2005) VB 6.0 Developer (migrating to VS 2005) VS 2002/2003 Developer (migrating...

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Microsoft Web Platform Installer

While I was not able to attend PDC, Microsoft did good by the community and has provided free recordings of many of the sessions ( While this is cool and has some great content, the purpose of this blog post is to talk about the Microsoft Web Platform Installer ( This tool allows for single deployment model for all the bits and pieces needed to put together a clean PC image for a developer use (i.e. VS.NET, SQL SVR, and IIS). IMHO this is a great idea and Microsoft is only scratching the surface of what they could  do in...

posted @ Tuesday, November 4, 2008 1:39 AM | Feedback (1) | Filed Under [ .NET ASP.NET C# IIS Microsoft VB.NET ]


A must have presentation aid for any technical presentation, additionally good if you have a hard time seeing area’s of the screen and it is free. Get it here

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ALM Advisor

Microsoft has a free tool called the ALM Advisor. As you know ALM or application lifecycle management is “the process of delivering software as a continuously repeating cycle of inter-related steps: definition, design, development, testing, deployment and management” ( What the tool does is ask you a bunch of questions about how things are done currently. It then assess the maturity of your ALM process, and make recommendations on steps to make the process more mature. The good thing from what I have seen is that it breaks the process down into steps that can be more easily phased in...

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Shawn @ Tech ED

While I was at Tech ED 2008 in Orlando FL I participated in a roundtable discussion on "How to make community better" with Dan Egan (President of INETA,, Dave Noderer (UG Leader, CO Founder of INETA,,  Christine Betts (GM of the Technical Audience Global Marketing for Microsoft) and Mark Wilson (Charlotte Enterprise Dev Guild, They thought it was a good idea to record it, so I figured I would share

posted @ Wednesday, September 10, 2008 12:13 AM | Feedback (0) | Filed Under [ Community INETA Microsoft ]

Building a solution with many projects is SLOWWWWWWW

This week I am attending TechEd in Orlando FL and I was honored to be requested to work the C# booth by the MVP and C# teams. I got many great questions from attendees and I thought I would post some of the more interesting ones. So here goes. An attendee, let’s call him Bob, came up and said that his builds were very slow. After some chatting Bob told me that he has a huge number of projects in his solution all “joined” together using project references. This is a convent feature of Visual Studio that provides for “cascading”...

posted @ Wednesday, June 4, 2008 11:47 AM | Feedback (0) | Filed Under [ .NET Architecture ASP.NET C# Microsoft VB.NET ]

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