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Society of Computational Science & Robot Vision: Follow the Leader

While working on my Masters at FIT I wrote a paper about some vision processing that I did with Microsoft Robotics Studio ( and and iRobot Create ( I was asked if I would post it on a new website that one of my colleagues at FIT is putting together Society of Computational Science ( I thought I would also take the opportunity to post it here (, as I loose anything that is not on my blog. . . .   Here is a picture of my robot and I at a presentation that I did at the Orlando Bar...

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First Robotics Dallas Regional 2009

     My day job is one of the sponsors of the First Robotics Program. The idea behind the program is to get kids interested in technology. I was invited to participate in the Dallas Regional where high schools from all over the south west and even Mexico participated in a competition to build and deploy a robot to play a game called Lunacy. You can read more about First Robotics here ( and more about the Dallas Regional here (      Lockheed sponsored something called 5th Gear. This was a simulator built on XNA that allowed the teams to practice...

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Using the CCR for Line of Business Applications

For fun I have been playing around with Microsoft Robotics studio ( for a long time now and I have listened to Microsoft’s George Chrysanthakopoulos tell us how cool the CCR was in just about every webcast. Well I have decided to see if I can use the CCR in a regular business application and eliminate some of the pains of writing multithreaded code. To that end I started with a simple problem, calculating Fibonacci numbers, and like any good developer I started with an easy to implement sequential algorithm. Now that I could sequentially calculate the numbers I wanted to...

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Central Florida Tech Fair

Here you can download my presentations from the CFL Tech Fair.

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BarCamp Orlando

Here is the powerpoint ( for the presentation that I plan on doing Sunday at BarCamp Orlando. See you there!In the presenation I will provide an overview of MS Robotics Studio, and then provide 4 demo’s.Demo #1: iRobot Drive by wireDemo #2: Physics Simulation Demo #3: Can you find me?Demo #4: Robot Sumo!All the demo’s are avaiable to download along with the MS Robotics Studio from the Microsoft Website

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Tallahasse Code Camp

Although it was a bit of a drive, Tallahassee Code Camp was great. I have included both presenations and the sample code in the attached zip file.

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Image Processing v2.1

BTW to convert from the byte[] back to an image is simple enough private Bitmap ConvertBitmap(byte[] frame, int width, int height){    Bitmap bmp = new Bitmap( width, height, PixelFormat.Format24bppRgb);     BitmapData data = bmp.LockBits( new Rectangle(0, 0, bmp.Width, bmp.Height), ImageLockMode.WriteOnly, PixelFormat.Format24bppRgb);     System.Runtime.InteropServices.Marshal.Copy(frame, 0, data.Scan0, frame.Length);     bmp.UnlockBits(data);    return bmp;}

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Image Processing v2

I was tearing into v1.5 of Microsoft Robotics Studio ( and came across a novel way to process the pixels in an image. In previous posts I was using unmanaged C# code and pointers to move around the image. This worked well but is hard to manage. They take the approach of just dumping the entire image to a byte[], pure genius, now why did I not think of that. I will be rebuilding my library to utilize this technique but I thought this was so cool that I just had to share it! /// <summary>/// Coverts a bitmap to a...

posted @ Monday, September 17, 2007 5:47 PM | Feedback (1) | Filed Under [ .NET C# Images Robotics ]

Jax CodeCamp Presentations

Here are my two presentations from the Jax CodeCamp. OOP Robot Vision

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Tampa Code Camp Robot Vision Presentation

Here is the powerpoint for my presentation tomorrow.

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