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Query SharePoint with .NET

I was attending the SharePoint Developers Group Meeting ( last week and the presenter, Ty Anderson, of & demoed using MS Access as a shim to bridge the communication between a VSTO application and a SharePoint List. I thought the idea was cool so I threw together this quick sample for your consideration. Note: I have not tested this in a multi-user environment, nor would I recommend this when performance is a high priority. Regardless it is very cool! Step 1: Create your list in SharePoint: Here you can see my TestList, it has one column called...

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Need I say more?

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SharePoint WebServices are your friend

Ever wanted access to that treasure trove of information available in SharePoint lists scattered across your enterprise? Ever wanted to provide a quick and dirty UI for users to enter data, but need to have programmatic access to the data? Use SharePoint! SharePoint provides WebServices that give you access to just about everything you can think of ( For the purposes of this article I am going to use the Lists WebService to 1) get data from a list, 2) Add an item to the list and 3) Delete an item from the list. The first step is to add...

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Explorer View in SharePoint

Having a problem getting the Explorer View in SharePoint working, Microsoft has a service that needs to be running on your computer to facilitate that function. Make sure the WebClient service is started. Take a look at this KB article for more information (   Note: This doesn’t seem to affect IE 7, another reason to upgrade. . .

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